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Welcome to Siva Foods Impex Private Limited..
About Founder:
Mr. G. Sivakumar, the founder and Managing Director of Siva Foods Impex Private Limited, started this company in the year 2005 with the first name "SIVA TRADERS". The Product quality has discovered the brand name Siva Cashews known as the power of real nutrition to every humanlife in the world.
Mr. G. Sivakumar ethically from a cashew cultural family in India. He strongly believes that his product quality and global production standard only will gain the values of his success in achieving his mission. He aims at providing complete satisfaction to the clients through our quality products and prompt services.
Our Process of Making Cashews...
Our Process is purely a hygienic process and make the cashewnuts from full cashews derived from the cashew tree and which is make rasterised, cleaned, condensed and well packed in the all weightage plastic covers and supllied all over Tamilnadu and India.
The cashew originates from Northeast of Brazil and it is understood that Spanish Sailors introduced the cashew to Central America in the Sixteenth Century and the Portuguese Colonists to its territories in East Africa at Mozambique and India in Goa and then the cultivation extended to Indonesia and the Philippines. The botanical name of is Anacardium Occidentale. Cashew is a cholesterol free naughty nut contains lowest fat among tree nuts. It has healthy fat, good profile of nutrient and good source of Vitamin-B Biotin & Vitamin K. It has performance nutrition with low carbohydrates and high protein. It is very useful for bones as it contains high phosphorus, magnesium & Iron.